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India Entry &
Business Services

Unlock the potential of the Indian market with our expert business services. From market research to legal compliance, we provide end-to-end solutions for your successful entry into India.

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Services Offered

Entry level Strategies

  • Assessment of regulatory landscape and legal requirements

  • Customized entry strategy development based on market research

  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategies

  • Financial feasibility analysis for entry options

  • Comprehensive entry plan outlining milestones and timelines

  • Ongoing support and advisory for successful implementation.

Research Report to advise entry strategy

  • Conduct market segmentation analysis to identify target markets and segments.

  • Evaluate potential entry modes such as joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or greenfield investments.

Finalising India Business Model

  • Scalability and sustainability assessment for long-term success.

  • Financial projections and investment requirements for implementing the business model.

  • Ongoing support and advisory for business model refinement and adaptation.

Setting up and Establishing Presence

  • Liaison Office

  • Branch Office

  • Project Office

  • Subsidiary

  • Whole Owned Subsidiary

  • Limited Liability Partnership

Statutory Compliances

  • Expert assistance in ensuring compliance with statutory regulations.

  • Guidance on adhering to legal requirements across all business operations.

  • Timely updates on changes in statutory laws and regulations.

  • Tailored solutions to address specific compliance needs.

  • Regular audits to ensure ongoing adherence to statutory requirements.


  • AIF/Angel Fund/FPI Structuring and Setup Fund Documentation – Incorporation

  • Documents, PPM and Contribution Agreement

  • SEBI Registration Support

  • Tax advisory For Funds and Investors

Other India entry services

  •  ESOP structuring and implementation.

  • Legal advisory covering contracts, disputes, and compliance.

  • Tailored market entry strategy consulting.

  • Due diligence support for mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

  • Intellectual property protection guidance.

Key Registrations & Approvals

  • Streamlined assistance in obtaining essential registrations and approvals.

  • Expert guidance on navigating Indian regulatory requirements.

  • Timely updates on regulatory changes for ongoing compliance.

  • Dedicated support team for smooth process management.

  • Comprehensive compliance audit post-registration.

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Integrated Expertise

Our team, comprising accountants, secretaries, lawyers, valuers, offers comprehensive services, ensuring holistic approach for your business needs.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Centralizing essential services saves time and costs, maximizing gains by eliminating the need for multiple engagements with various firms.

Tailored Solutions

Customizing our approach to individual businesses ensures tailored solutions, addressing specific requirements and challenges for optimal outcomes.

Specialized Knowledge

Leveraging industry insight and adept strategies, we excel in startup support, empowering informed decisions and confident navigation as trusted partners.

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