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Debt syndication &
Private equity

Our team can help you obtain financing through debt syndication. We can assist you in preparing loan proposals, identifying potential lenders, and negotiating favorable terms. Our team can also provide guidance on debt restructuring and refinancing.

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Services Offered

Startup Funding

  • Angel Investment

  • Pre-Seed funding

  • Seed Funding

  • Pre-Series and Series Funding

  • Venture Capital funding

  • Private equity funding

Debt Funding

  • Venture Debt

  • Working Capital financing

  • Non Convertible Debentures

  • Supply chain finance

  • Term Loan

  • Business Loans

  • MSME loans

  • Project Financing

  • Home Loans / LAP

  • Sale & Leaseback

  • Structured funding

  • Acquisition financing

  • Bill discounting

Stress Account Funding

  • NPA(Non performing asset)/Distress funding

  • OTS (One time settlement) funding

  • Refinancing of Asset Reconstruction

  • Companies (ARC) debt

  • Debt restructuring

Debt Syndication

  • Obtain financing through debt syndication. 

  • Preparing loan proposals

  • Identifying potential lenders

  • Negotiating favorable team

  • Guidance on debt restructuring and refinancing.

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Integrated Expertise

Our team, comprising accountants, secretaries, lawyers, valuers, offers comprehensive services, ensuring holistic approach for your business needs.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Centralizing essential services saves time and costs, maximizing gains by eliminating the need for multiple engagements with various firms.

Tailored Solutions

Customizing our approach to individual businesses ensures tailored solutions, addressing specific requirements and challenges for optimal outcomes.

Specialized Knowledge

Leveraging industry insight and adept strategies, we excel in startup support, empowering informed decisions and confident navigation as trusted partners.

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